Node-0 Vs Commodity Hosts

When we speak of "Commodity Web Hosts" we're referring to generic web hosts who
have no specific platform aside from the standardized LAMP stack which they maintain.

Unfortunately for most laypeople, this standard level of support is still far too complex
for immediate productive work to be realized as regards a web presence.

Immediate productive work means, you log into your site using a web browser and begin
immediately adding content without swimming through endless forum posts or spend
hours upon hours searching google for the appropriate extensions necessary for your

You see, we've already spent hundreds of hours on the forums, search engines, and
extension directories. We've already searched through template sites and come away
with the common denominators of what works in the real world and what just
doesn't cut it.

A commodity host is not interested in supporting users in their website rollouts or
helping them get going out of the box with their Joomla sites short of some ill-conceived
one-click installlers, which are great for exploration, but horrible for lifecycle web
application deployment.

We've already done all the hard work, so you can focus on making your site the richest
most vibrant, content source you can create on the internet.

Here's a simple breakdown of the core feature differences between Node-0 and commodity hosts.
 Feature Node-0
Commodity Hosts
Completely Joomla-Focused Web Host Yes_on_table No_on_table
High level security for
your Joomla driven site
Yes_on_table No_on_table
Enhanced content editor
"Out of the Box"


Website operations training and
advice based on real world evidence


Node-0 backed active evolution
of Joomla platform


Constant Joomla usability testing
and feedback-oriented enhancements




As you can see, these are exactly the types of features which any tech company would find difficult to deliver in a polished, mass produced, and proprietary manner. These are heavy line items in terms of features.  Unlike the "unlimited" marketing hype (better refered to as false advertising) which most commodity web hosts advertise, which we will expose in detail in an upcoming article. Suffice it to say, once you delve deeper into just how such hosts provision and operate their servers, it is difficult to justify doing business with them for any price point other than the remarkably cheap rates they quote.

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